Talking to Your Teen Video

Talking to Your Teen: Tips for Parents, questions addressed in this film

  • How do I start a conversation with my daughter about acne, without her feeling pressurised or that her spots are an issue for me?
  • My son has really bad acne but has never shown a desire to go to the doctor but I’m worried about his skin and scarring; how do I talk to him about it so that he gets treatment?
  • My husband teases my daughter about her spots and I think it really upsets her; how can I reassure her but also explain to him how much it bother her?
  • Having had acne in my teens, I know how my daughter feels but how do I empathise with him without sounding patronising?
  • I don’t know if my daughter’s acne bothers her and whether she wants to treat it, how do I ask without upsetting her?
  • What is good listening; if my kids they want to see a doctor about their acne I want to be supportive without being overbearing?
  • I thought I had a close relationship with my son, but when I attempt to talk to him about his skin, he just closes him up. Where am I going wrong?
  • My daughter seems rather withdrawn, could her acne be causing her to be depressed and how do I help her?
  • What else can I do to help support my child?
  • I’ve found out my son is going to the doctors about his acne but he doesn’t want me to come – how can I help him feel he is supported by me but on his terms